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Playstation Network Not Working Uk


Back to top ↑ Loading seems to be taking a while. Daley Trying to sign into my PlayStation is super slow. 5th attempt and i got in. Mark What is everyone's PSN server status right now? Kirk Do you want my money Sony?

seems worldwide, what's going on? @OkCuzO is anybody else's blackops3 server down rn? #blackops3 #cod #psn #psndown #gaming #gamer @ekn262 @tonyriku @oasfears not just psn all cod servers down @markuzmx #1stworldproblems Try restoring your licenses: 0 replies 8 retweets 58 likes Reply Retweet 8 Retweeted 8 Like 58 Liked 58 More Copy link to Tweet Embed Tweet Ask PlayStation ‏@AskPlayStation Nov Josepth So far it has been two days since I were able to log in to PSN. Viewing Tweets won't unblock @AskPlayStation.

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Bob PSN has gone down, 6PM UK time. Peter Yesterday was a complete nightmare, i could of commented yesterday but i was ticked off to say the least with PSN not connecting again. This was not scheduled so why the suddeness? Just have zero response from playstation network.

  1. First the disc gets stuck so i sent back got another PS4 and then it happened again so got another.
  2. No news about when PSN will come back up, 17th May robbie PSN sign-in is out on PS3, May 17 Uk.
  3. I cannot get on to CoD and no point in trying to access Netflix as only works when it wants to.
  4. Sign-in Game play Social Create account Playstation Store Playstation Video Playstation Music Something else...
  5. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience." Infinite Warfare Multiplayer and Zombies Mode Screenshots REVEALED Thu, September 1, 2016
  6. Gives me error code (WV-33907-2) Lyndsey123 My son can't get into any of his games main one being Disney infinity Chase What is this error code: WS-37504-9 in PSN?

Danny Now that Lizard Squad has done us after returning to haunt us, will they be going after Xbox gamers? They have the tech guys on the case. Orson Not again, c'mon now this is stupid. Playstation Network Sign In Anyone else?…….

No message sent, no help at all, no information, worse than really poor. Psn Maintenance Today what's the matter @CTurner603 @derinnege @askplaystation this problem has been happening since the last update and @playstation won't address or fix it. @shivers9200 why does the network go down for cod So i am playing a game with them but they do not even know i am. Submit Check the status of Playstation Network in other countries Stay up to date Follow on Twitter and Facebook Tweets by @PlayStation © Serinus42 BV | About us | Privacy

Martin All I ever get is error codes on PSN, I have tried signing in four times now and eroor code after error code. When Will Psn Be Back Up Always seems to be down, it was down yesterday so i go to bed and now its down this morning as well. So is this a PSN outage? William Complaints this Thursday will come flocking in no doubt.

Psn Maintenance Today

it won't! @denis_oleary @askplaystation dear playstation. Bob I am down in Bristol, PSN is offline. Psn Twitter Richard I downloaded the new Havoc DLC on CoD and then noticed it has disappeared. Playstation Network Maintenance I got really excited cause i was gonna buy a new game on the store and then it went le poof Bradley Fraser Lmao Christopher Pollard try it now finally works

Router working and good access to other services. Clark Is anyone getting the error code 80710A06? Backup! … never! πŸ˜€ Danielle Cassie Well it's a bit random bt I'll be nice nd sub lol gamerzero 911 true soon i getting my new ps4 because my old one Justin I was playing the new Zombies map pack on Xbox One, and when i was in the gun deck getting the sentinels i was kicked from the game. Ws-37432-9

Bb97 Is it still down bro?? I keep loosing connection to game severs. when i try to change my password my email doesn't work. this contact form why is the psn trying to control gamers?? @Lindner716 everybody pay for the shit #psn #server and than the shit is offline, what are you doing @playstation ????? #psndown shame on

Bradley Fraser High 5 πŸ˜€ Tyrone Wright oh bugger that let's just play multiplayer offline lol Anime Review They are quickly working to resolve the issue but it is not maintenance Can't Sign Into Psn Malaya Im trying to download the update but I can't even connect to the internet :c Rob Keep getting error SU-30709-9 after I try to download the PS4 2.04 update. XENO I haven't been able to sign in properly for about a week now.

Not forgetting all the games you have purchased no doubt.

PlayStation Network is offered and maintained by Sony. Julie PSN is down for me, not been able to login for like an hour now maybe longer. How long for nobody knows but for now happy days. Playstation Network Uk this isn't the 1st time it happened.(1/3) 2016-11-14 09:27:11 @SparkyID @playstation why exactly aren't you guys release and a patch to fix a broken system,since i got my ps4 pro i

Cant find out, anyone know? What the hell m i paying for. can it be fixed? @Im_Leak @akarizkyy psn server down? @frantrbi @playstation i have a problem addying a credit card to my says that the card number is wrong but it William Roeske cant play battlefield 1 beta now and it ends thursday morning, thanks sony… couldve waited like 2 days for this bs Tyrone Wright ^_^ Danielle Cassie True Candy PlayStation

Erik Share play and parties is what i keep getting kicked out of on the playstation, this is crazy. going back to @micosoftt at least @xbox tells you why you cant sign in @Kartik23S @playstationau @playstation did the servers go offline @eljxys lads, the cods aren't broken it's playstation they're Oh Yes I know - Permanent Sony Nastiness. Charles you know what I have had enough of the playstation network.

Submit Check the status of Playstation Network in other countries Stay up to date Follow on Twitter and Facebook Tweets by @PlayStationEU © Serinus42 BV | About us | Privacy Good news for NX fans after retailer leak No Man’s Sky news: Hello Games update and new PS4 exclusive launch influence Nintendo Classic news: Mini NES deals, Pokemon GO update, Pokemon can't log in to it. If you win millions please do set up new PS servers.

Jar I am still getting under maintenance even though i have installed both PSN Store update and PS3 update. PlayStation Network Down: PSN under maintenance error hits PS4, PS3... In fact, it looks like they'll announce two of them.Taking place on the same day as the Apple iPhone launch, Sony will reveal the PS4 NEO and PS4 Slim at a Darren Getting various error codes every time I get signed out, about every 10 mins or so, have been for over a week now, had my ps3 for over a year

darren My m8s is working in leeds hes playing fifa right now wtf is goin on with my ps4 im bored out my skull atm Aaron Mason Mines down in England