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Playstation Store Uk Not Working


Ok maybe more like Sony has a mind of its own. IIan No PSN connection for me, Birmingham. Any idea when it will be back up? Robert I purchased my PS4 yesterday and was very excited to say the least. Check This Out

So i am playing a game with them but they do not even know i am. my internet is working fine on laptop, tablet, and phone @HeathCastor ok, the @playstation network is just bloody useless at times. ps4 @philv86 anyone else having issues on @playstationeu games connecting to online modes but psn is completely fine??? #playstation @semassefa @askplaystation hi, i can't log into my psn account. why is the psn trying to control gamers?? @Lindner716 everybody pay for the shit #psn #server and than the shit is offline, what are you doing @playstation ????? #psndown shame on see here

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Libby Oh dear, the maintenance currently scheduled for this Thursday is going to take longer than expect, always does. Richard Hurd Down in Canada Richard Hurd Down in Canada RobWasHere Down in Washington John Down in Greece. Tobias I am down in Denmark, using PS4. Jesse I am having nothing but issues with playing my new Black Ops 3 Call of Duty game on the PS4, keeps logging me out for no apparent reason.

  1. Toady I can play Destiny and CoD AW on the Xbox but cannot play on the PS4, so surely this is a psn problem right?
  2. when i try to log in serwers doesn't work.
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You know damn well you are not going to leave, you love your PlayStation too much. Gives me error code (WV-33907-2) Lyndsey123 My son can't get into any of his games main one being Disney infinity Chase What is this error code: WS-37504-9 in PSN? Kirsty Xbox gaming is not good at all, but bet Live is a lot better than the stupid PSN at the moment. Playstation Network Sign In Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers: MDK PSN Sign In is not working (showing endless "Please wait…") …from couple of days…Afganistan Jon Mine is also down since I checked

Let me know if this works for you. Henrick PSN is down in London. Complain here: Via Twitter Via Facebook Check the official status page Incorrect? × What information is incorrect? Mark What is everyone's PSN server status right now?

Asia Cant login and cant change password… to top of that my account was hacked while ago… psnetwork is rubbish liam Mines been down 3 weeks now got told no problems Playstation Network Uk It was brought up that it generally is possibly my connection to the PSN server I am connecting to IP. Danny PSN is down and no one has any idea why. Bb97 Is it still down bro??

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Lana I want to play my Diablo but need the new update, but updates not working. Please please help me I will be over the moon. Playstation Network Twitter even their website sign-in page says “access denied” @oag08 psn down? Playstation Network Maintenance this is so frustrating.

Aaron How is it i can access the PS store but i cannot sign in? his comment is here Juan I am down in Japan. Malc Today is Bungie Day and then PSN goes down. But now they will not send me a validation email. Ws-37432-9

But nothing works. Jakey Lagging out of parties at the moment, is there a reason why this is happening. Ferdo Amazon outage on the PS4, works everywhere else but not though PlayStation. this contact form i cant connect to anything. @MrLukeGibson @vnaeqo_ find another 2s, apparently my psn network is down @AskPlayStation @liljonj420 sorry for the delay.

Playstation Network comments. Playstation Network Support I was playing online then i got kicked from a game so decided i wanted to play another game and then this is when i found the issue. Lewis Morgan Can not sign in been trying for an hour, I was mid game and got signed out can't connect at all.

UK fans will be able to tune in to the PlayStation Meeting at 8pm.Sony's PS4 NEO and PS4 Slim will be the stars of the show, although you can also expect

Get it fixed asap pls ty Mathew Lol scrap that I'm in!!!! Main issues seem to be browsing and redeeming vouchers on the store. Tyrone Wright We are all hoping that it won't be TheHomer1990 Yeah, the graphics on ps4 though… Tyrone Wright Your such a negative nancy lol Bradley Fraser I totally forgot I Playstation Network Sign Up please help @Haytham303 @yosp playstation live chat is not working how can i contact playstation!?!?!? @gameboy2709 @askplaystation @playstation @yosp the fact that you guys aren't addressing the vizio 4k tv and

i keep on getting error code ws-37397-9. i cant connect to 2k or infinite @5ix_1oo_66 @playstation @askplaystation yo wtf man like we cant game at all your system is trash your service is bullshit 24/7 problems(buying xbone!) @PRMESTBoii WTF is up with you PSN? navigate here I keep loosing connection to game severs.

still can't contact? 2016-11-13 18:59:20 @mirko_tigadirko having problems with psn logon i forgot my password and password for my email i used 2016-11-13 18:52:01 @gameboy2709 @askplaystation when will playstation be releasing Magazine new! James My PS4 seems to be playing up because my Netflix has stopped opening movies and tv shows. Red Baren PSN Has the worst game servers, internet connections, they kick people out of game lobbies whether its visible or invisible, they purposely put those errors because they want you

Sign-in Game play Social Create account Playstation Store Playstation Video Playstation Vue Playstation Music Something else... Lew Battlefield 1 has messed it all's out today! Everything else has been resolved but the issue of signing in re-patching the network takes time and id like to give a time but will not probably be correct. Any ideas anyone please?

Not sure what's going on but at least I'm not the only one. Mikey Totally down, can't sign in with PSN on my PS4 and wanted to play destiny today but cannot connect to servers due to Sony problems. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible."The new outage comes on the same day as the launch of the fourth and final Black Ops 3 DLC, Candy Im still offline Candy Training for what Tyrone Wright Is anyone else having lagging and loading problems?

Xbox Live is surely better right?