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Pop Up Ask Box Not Working


past this code under 4. How do I stop images/gifs/videos in text posts overflowing? Either decrease the z-index of the things that aren’t going grey OR increase the z-index of #fade AND .popup_block When I try and type in my popup / click on it, This trick would involve a lot of copy-paste on your custom HTML so be sure to follow all the instructions carefully.

It should change in a few days. Read thisMail MailWhat We Do: ✔ Give blog advice (only, no more blog rates) and reply privately, unless there is something in our reply that could be helpful for others ✔ If you had problems in setting this up or anything, you can always hit my ask box up. It's not a script - we update it manually How do you have the 'tabs' without reloading the page?

Pop Up Ask Box Tumblr

The post will be tagged under your URL , too, so tracking your URLs would be a nice way to notify you. A tutorial for it can be found here. ministarfruit FollowUnfollow long post custard apple: komaeda nagito longan: kuzuryuu fuyuhiko coconut: souda kazuichi pomegranate: nidai nekomaru guava: tanaka gundam orange: hinata hajime (that's..

Hello Everyone! Ask Me Anything 3. search for .popup_block and increase the z-index/Claudia1 year ago #phersian #answered HTMLQueensRefreshGeneral HTML QueensStats currently helping /with blog advice & coding help 1 unanswered message as of 10:28 AM PDT Ask Box Tumblr Code Of course, it doesn’t show up on mobile so I’m posting a link here.Thanks for the question and I hope you have a good day or night depending on where you

It will pop up! Pop Up Pages Tumblr ok so ive been getting a lot of questions on how to do the pop up ask so i made a tutorial for you guys!!!1. paste this code aftertags.