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Port Forward Tomato Not Working


Did you use dmz for one ip? I've had quirky flashes sometimes where I needed to switch from a stock firmware to DD-WRT, wipe the NVRAM in DD-WRT, perform a 30-30-30 reset, then flash to Tomato, then wipe Full Review Intel Core i7-4771 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1150 Quad-Core Desktop... You could setup a DMZ to something like a PS3/XBOX or something secure without an internal firewall and do a port scan with shields up to see if the ISP really navigate here

And when they call out through port 1000, you can call in through ports 2000-3000 only. KHAndAnimeMember Since: July 9, 2009Posts: 16748KHAndAnimeFollowForum Posts: 16748Followed by: 0Reviews: 1 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#4 Posted by KHAndAnime (16748 posts) - 3 years, 4 months ago[QUOTE="KHAndAnime"]So I just updated all of Join us for a few days sleep-deprived fun. kronik, Dec 17, 2012 #41 Monk E.

Tomato Port Forwarding Doesn't Work

However with ASUS routers the last -30 doesn't really do much besides put the router in recovery mode (when you hold down the setup button, apply power, and keep holding down Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Then imagine that there is a computer behind one of the doors and you need access to it.

Email Article Share Articles Reddit Facebook Twitter Digg Slashdot DZone StumbleUpon FriendFeed Furl Print Article Related Articles Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: Episode XIV How to: Manage Traffic Using Tomato and How to Open Ports on a RouterWhat is Port Forwarding? DHCP needs to still be on for the LAN section, but having it on under the WAN settings was blocking all port forwarding, DMZ, and UPNP from working. Port Forwarding Tomato If you recently set up the DHCP, you may need to restart the router and the NIC to get the new IP assigned correctly.

jan_asus_swe, Sep 9, 2012 #6 jan_asus_swe Serious Server Member Now I have cycled thru Tomato - dd-wrt - Latest ASUS stock firmware and none is working with port forwarding....yes I know Tomato Shibby Port Forwarding Step 5. For example, suppose you want to use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to one of your PC’s from outside the network—say, at the office or a friend’s house. Can you answer mstombs' question?

To view that table use: Code: iptables -t nat -L WANPREROUTING -vn USNetboy, Sep 12, 2012 #18 koitsu likes this. Advanced Tomato Port Forwarding The only thing is for some reason, I can't port forward things anymore. I realize this was a bit off-topic, but I've spent hours trying to troubleshoot WiFi issues due to Bonjour. So why doesn't it work?KHAndAnime How did it work before the firmware update?

Tomato Shibby Port Forwarding

My wireless network is really zippy for gaming now. However, if you restart the router after applying the changes it'll load correctly, so no more error.Click to expand... Tomato Port Forwarding Doesn't Work Port forwarding opens a portal in the router's firewall, allowing for inbound traffic to reach your LAN. Tomato Dmz I'm not a fan of Bonjour on a Windows machine.

This is called port forwarding, and Tomato offers four basic kinds of port forwarding configuration: basic, DMZ (de-militarized zone), triggered, and UPnP/NAT-PMP. check over here Port Forwarding Help Needed. If you're using addons for the browser, please disable all of those as well to rule out compatibility issues of that sort (things like NoScript etc. by Arizonian › Define C by bluedevil › Fractal Design Define Mini C - Black - Windowed by Duality92 › Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S & RGB Fan TT premium Edition... Tomato Enable Upnp

I am able to run the access the radios while using a LAN connection, but not over the internet. telnet linuxmachineip 22 to verify you get back an OpenSSH or Dropbear header string, then that's good. Enter the Source IP address. his comment is here If from lan check the setting for local NAT loopback in router firwall - default is 'forwarded only".

Thanks for the help. Upnp Vs Nat-pmp The router opens an unspecified port for a period of time while the media is being transferred, and then closes the port automatically when the connection is terminated. To configure a DMZ in Tomato, log in to the router’s administrative interface and click on Port Forwarding/DMZ.

In the case of running a Web server, incoming requests will hit the router asking for port 80.

KHAndAnimeMember Since: July 9, 2009Posts: 16748KHAndAnimeFollowForum Posts: 16748Followed by: 0Reviews: 1 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#10 Posted by KHAndAnime (16748 posts) - 3 years, 4 months agoNo luck with port forwarding. Have port 3389 set on forwarded but i can't connect to it via my isp IP anyone have any experience in this not really sure why its not working, same method Qabach, Jan 8, 2014 #56 koitsu Network Guru Member Why don't you start by disabling the built-in Windows firewall? Tomato Vlan Remember, devices that depend on port forwarding should always have a static IP address.

nope it was working before i changed firmware so i assume the system should work edit* just tried filling in my desktop ip into the SRC address and it seems It is easy to create a DMZ as a way of being “lazy” and avoiding creating port forwarding rules, but remember that this can be very dangerous since that machine is So lets just say the box is HUGE!!!! weblink koitsu, Sep 11, 2012 #17 USNetboy Networkin' Nut Member @koitsu, The reason you do not see the complete port forwarding rules is that you look at the wrong table.

Therefore, the issue appears to be that iptables/netfilter is not implementing the rules, or something has gone wrong with attempting to implement them. If so, this would explain the conflict (connection to your router's WAN IP on TCP port 443 would be to the Tomato GUI itself, not your Linux box on TCP port koitsu, Sep 15, 2012 #38 tallanvor Serious Server Member Specs: Asus RT-N16 Tomato 102 Mega - shibby20 MIPRS2. My N66U is now with "clean" NVRAM.

The port forwarding on the old D-Link worked just fine; I could view and interact with any of the web content, use FTP access, etc. I have radio equipment in the 5th wheel that I remote control using software that requires specific ports to be open. Could not find any such file, where should it be located if exist? Was it from recovery mode, or through the management website?

jan_asus_swe, Sep 11, 2012 #14 jan_asus_swe Serious Server Member If I create some Port Forwards in the Tomato GUI how should that look like using iptables --list -v command? Do not use the Backup Configuration feature, otherwise the aforementioned leftover NVRAM variables or different-syntax variables will be restored upon configuration restoration. In custom configurations you can sometimes use non-standard ports, but most applications stick to the standard port assignments. There are ways to circumvent the wifi connectivity issue but it requires a custom installation.

I have installed transmission and twonky and they are accessible just fine from the LAN. I'm guessing I'm forced to flash back to DD-WRT and deal with a different set of problems. no brainer You will need a client outside your LAN but has Internet access (referred to as “Internet client”). However, I did notice that a portforward entry exists when I inspected the NVRAM dump.

So instead I set the infrastructure to a Client-Bridge infrastructure, and that worked immediately. After getting all my settings set on each router, my latency to game servers has decreased in half! Only one IP address is permitted.