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Fix Position Relative Not Working In Internet Explorer (Solved)

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Position Relative Not Working In Internet Explorer


However, if relative positioning causes an ‘overflow:auto' box to have overflow, the UA must allow the user to access this content, which, through the creation of scrollbars, may affect layout. I tried your suggestion jscheuer1, but it doesn't seem to be working in my case, so I am going with your suggestion Crazykld69in this situation. IE 7 must also be excluded from the fix. This works for the example( also (class: scrollme).Hope that fixes your problem:-) Jason Haley May 11, 2009 # Interesting Finds: May 11, 2009 Interesting Finds: May 11, 2009 Steven Berkovitz May

Oh joy. Not really something you'd look forward to while creating a pixel perfect layout. Thanks :) 53 Alan said on May 08, 2011 One simple command resolved a major headache. Simply setting the font size to 0 lets you have an element as small and short as you like. #element{ background: #95CFEF; border: solid 1px #36F; width: 300px; height: 2px; margin:

Ie11 Position Absolute Bug

Consider making a small donation to show your support. Visual C# Kicks May 21, 2009 # re: An annoying IE position: Relative and OverFlow-Y Bug Great read. Double Margin on Floated Elements This bug is probably among the first ones a web developer starting out will run into and is specific to Internet Explorer 6 and below. Keep posting your great ideas to damn IE issue.

The relevant code does something like this: var el = $(this); var pos = el.css("position"); if (!pos || pos == "static") el.css("position", "relative"); var h = opt.handle ? $(opt.handle).css({ position: "relative" That has now happened in IE 7. It works until you scroll, and then it repositions it twice as far as it needs to. Ie11 Position Relative Bug Consider the Following Code: #container{ border: solid 1px #000; background: #777; width: 400px; height: 160px; margin: 30px 0 0 30px; } #element{ background: #95CFEF; border: solid 1px #36F; width: 300px; height:

document.documentElement.clientHeight : document.body.clientHeight ) + ( ignoreMe = document.documentElement.scrollTop ? To choose the lesser of two evils is still to choose evil. I can provide on-site training for your team. In most cases, IE6 handles this with aplomb but in certain cases it fumbles.

Also, really glad to have found this site - nicest design I've seen all year, and what an awesome comment system!! Position Absolute In Ie Not Working I'm available for full and half-day workshops on scalable CSS architecture. Follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to the Nettuts+ RSS Feed for the best web development tutorials on the web. Thanks for the feekback!Sandy,Glad to hear you got it working.

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  2. For more information, see Section 6.4 "Page positioning" of the "W3C CSS Positioned Layout Module Level 3" specification. -ms-device-fixed IE11.
  3. Bah!
  4. Here's some code to demonstrate the problem:
    And the related CSS: #container { height:100px; border:1px solid blue; overflow:auto; } #a { height:200px; background-color:lightblue; float:left;
  5. However, you may find that it works for you.
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  7. I think I got a few grey hair today while fighting this bug.
  8. You can do that if you want.
  9. Its positioning and display are unaffected by user panning, but affected by user zooming actions.

Ie Position Absolute Bug

fixed Starting in Internet Explorer 7. Added the check to my position function and now it works.I know that you use jQuery (which I haven't tried yet), but what are the chances that their position function has Ie11 Position Absolute Bug asked 1 year ago viewed 10007 times active 1 year ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 8 days Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #94 - We Don't Care If Position Absolute Not Working In Ie11 Why do Phineas and Ferb get 104 days of summer vacation?

What power do I have as a driver if my interstate route is blocked by a protest? Let me show you. Please click the link in the confirmation email to activate your subscription. They got a few of the notable ones, but many of the bugs we've all come to know and code-around are still there. Position Absolute Ie 11

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up CSS position absolute and position relative bug in IE up vote 0 down vote favorite 1 Im trying to make a simple Chris May 12, 2010 # re: An annoying IE position: Relative and OverFlow-Y Bug Thanks very much for this I have been working for hours on a solution for this problem. This overlap is controlled by using the z-index attribute or property. his comment is here I've been coming here to stare at your beautiful design all this time, but this, well this won you a place in my heart! ;-) I've been pulling my hair out

Add position relative as part of the .closable plug-in (or just in markup) and the mess above occurs. Ie Position Absolute Center Is there a difference between "Would you like some more" and "Would you like any more"? Instead of using this hack, users of IE 6 should be encouraged to upgrade to IE 7.

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Make me a hexagon! Well, ... All rights reserved. Position Expression Fixed Everything displayed 100% in the other browsers I checked it in. –Sherwin Flight May 20 '15 at 14:31 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote Side note: Not sure if

The default setup uses the right and bottom properties, so browsers that support the standards correctly will work using them. page Internet Explorer 10. In the second pair of boxes, the position property is set to relative and the boxes are positioned relative to each other. weblink Learning resources Microsoft Virtual Academy Channel 9 MSDN Magazine Community Forums Blogs Codeplex Support Self support Programs BizSpark (for startups) Microsoft Imagine (for students) United States (English) Newsletter Privacy & cookies

Worked great in Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome - as soon as I tested it in IE I encountered this bug that you are describing. everything renders as it should. Fix #1 The fix is a hack created by Dustin Diaz. Other Posts you might also like JavaScript JSON Date Parsing and real Dates HTML5 Input type=date Formatting Issues Using CSS Transitions to SlideUp and SlideDown IPad Scroll Issues with Fixed Content

I have a div containing a table containing some images which I need to position relatively. (It is the "top part" of what looks like a single image, but it's in This produces a slightly jerky effect. Object is positioned relative to the nearest initial containing block. The margin will be doubled in the rendered output.

But if my form wasn't position:relative then it would muck up other things; IE would get the wrong offsetLeft for things. Tweets by @RickStrahl An annoying IE position: Relative and OverFlow-Y Bug May 11, 2009 - from Maui, Hawaii 14 comments Tweet A few weeks ago I posted a closable plug-in for you rock! 29 Scott Peterson said on November 19, 2007 Good tip. Consider making a small donation to show your support.

Hopefully this has saved you some blood, sweat and tears while debugging your next creation. Any suggestions please? 51 Joel said on May 03, 2011 Such a simple fix! This looks like a code I could use on my 6 also. Why would you compare 'A' with 0x41?

And voila! To enable absolute positioning on an object you must specify at least one of the top, bottom, left, or right properties, in addition to setting the position property to absolute. As an example, look at the following code: #element{ background: #95CFEF; border: solid 1px #36F; width: 300px; height: 2px; margin: 30px 0; } And the output is just as expected: A